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Dec 19, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner: Obama Leaves Copenhagen with Bad Deal for U.S.

Nov 18, 2009  Press release
Treasury Department Should Open Its Books on Climate Change Policy

Nov 17, 2009  Letters to Admin
Sensenbrenner and Issa request further transparency from the Department of Treasury

Nov 13, 2009  Press release
EPA Censorship of Video Raises New Questions about Suppression of Science

Nov 05, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner: Senate Should Slow Down on Global Warming Bill

Oct 22, 2009  Press release
Energy Secretary Chu Wrong to Cheer Companies Leaving U.S. Chamber

Oct 22, 2009  Op-Ed
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: The high price of cap-and-tax

Sep 29, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner Statement on Boxer-Kerry Cap-and-Tax Bill

Jul 28, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner: Clean Coal Must Be Part of Diverse Energy Portfolio

Jul 14, 2009  Multimedia
Sensenbrenner questioning Administration transparency on Fox News

Jun 29, 2009  Press release
Cap-and-Tax Bill Will Raise Energy Prices, Ship Jobs and Funds Overseas

Jun 26, 2009  Op-Ed
Politico: Bill will shift billions overseas

Jun 18, 2009  Press release
Cap-and-Tax Will Cost Farmers

Jun 18, 2009  Multimedia
Sensenbrenner Opening Statement: Cap-and-Tax Will Cost Farmers

Jun 18, 2009  Hearing
Global Warming’s Growing Concerns: Impacts on Agriculture and Forestry

May 18, 2009  Press release
EPA Analysis Underestimates Costs of Congress’ Climate Change Legislation

May 14, 2009  Press release
Follow Australia’s Example and Drop Job-Killing National Energy Tax

May 05, 2009  Press release
Cap-and-Tax Will Cost Jobs, Hurt Economy, Won’t Help Environment

Apr 30, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner: Climate Bill Will Cap Wisconsin Growth, Tax Residents

Apr 24, 2009  Press release
Investor's Business Daily: Administration's Gun To Congress' Head:
   Legislate Or Regulate On Cap-And-Trade

Apr 20, 2009  Press release
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 'Cap-and-tax' means costs will go up for everyone

Mar 19, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner Statement on Green Transportation Policy Hearing

Mar 04, 2009  Press release
All Countries Must Contribute to Costs of Confronting Climate Change

Feb 27, 2009  Press release
President's Climate Tax Will Hit All Americans, Not Just the Rich

Feb 11, 2009  Press release
Members Urge House to Determine if Carbon Trading Scheme is a Tax

Feb 11, 2009  Letters to Admin
Letter to Chairman Conyers and Chairman Nadler: Determine if Carbon Trading Scheme is a Tax

Dec 08, 2008  Press release
Sensenbrenner Looks Forward to Extending Congressional Record on Energy Security and Climate Change

Sep 18, 2008  Press release
Higher Taxes and Higher Energy Costs Won't Help Create New Jobs

Jul 31, 2008  Hearing
Renewing America’s Future: Energy Visions of Tomorrow, Today

Jun 26, 2008  Press release
Oil Exploration Needed Today to Reduce Gas Prices

Feb 11, 2008  Press release
Cap-and-Trade Will Cost Jobs, Slow Economy, Produce Few Results

Jan 23, 2008  Press release
Cap-and-Trade Will Tax Economy

Jan 23, 2008  Hearing
Cap, Auction, and Trade: Auctions and Revenue Recycling Under Carbon Cap and Trade

Oct 18, 2007  Press release
Energy Prices Rise, but Waters Won’t Ebb Under Climate Regulations

Oct 10, 2007  Press release
Free Market Must Guide Energy Technology Development

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