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May 24, 2010  Press release
NRC Staff Report Shows Political Motive behind Yucca Closure

Sep 24, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner: Spain’s Experience Shines Light on Solar Subsidies

Sep 24, 2009  Hearing
Solar Heats Up: Accelerating Widespread Deployment

Sep 09, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner Praises House Passage of His Hybrid Truck Act

Jul 28, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner: Clean Coal Must Be Part of Diverse Energy Portfolio

Jul 28, 2009  Hearing
New Energy Technologies: What's Around the Corner?

Jun 10, 2009  Press release
Obama Must Show Leadership, Set Goals for Upcoming Climate Talks

Apr 22, 2009  Op-Ed
Washington Times: Sensenbrenner: Cap-and-Tax Will Cost Jobs, Hurt Economy, Won't Help Environment

Apr 03, 2009  Letters to Admin
Letter to Energy Secretary Chu: Sensenbrenner Asks Chu to Explain Comments on Intellectual Property

Feb 25, 2009  Hearing
Get Smart on the Smart Grid: How Technology Can Revolutionize Efficiency and Renewable Solutions

Jan 26, 2009  Letters to Admin
Letter to EPA Administrator Jackson: Changes in Efficiency Calculations Can Help Lower Fuel Use

Sep 25, 2008  Hearing
The Future of LIHEAP Funding: Will Families Get the Cold Shoulder this Winter?

Jul 31, 2008  Hearing
Renewing America’s Future: Energy Visions of Tomorrow, Today

Jun 18, 2008  Hearing
Planning Communities for a Changing Climate: Smart Growth, Public Demand and Private Opportunity

May 22, 2008  Hearing
Oversight of the Bush Administration’s Energy Policy

May 14, 2008  Hearing
Building Green, Saving Green: Constructing Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Buildings

May 08, 2008  Hearing
Negawatts: The Role of Efficiency Policies in Climate Legislation

May 08, 2008  Press release
Free Market Forces Should Guide Energy Efficiency Technology

Apr 29, 2008  Press release
State of Oceans Another Reason to Support Gains in Energy Technology

Apr 29, 2008  Hearing
Rising Tides, Rising Temperatures: Global Warming’s Impact on the Oceans

Apr 16, 2008  Hearing
Green Capital: Seeding Innovation and the Future Economy

Apr 16, 2008  Press release
Market Forces Should Guide Investments in New Technology

Apr 02, 2008  Press release
Market Forces Driving Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Airlines

Mar 12, 2008  Press release
Nuclear Energy a Powerful Greenhouse Gas Reducing Technology

Mar 06, 2008  Press release
Renewable Power is Key to Increasing Energy Diversity

Dec 19, 2007  Hearing
After Bali – the UN Conference and the Impact on International Climate Change Policy

Oct 24, 2007  Hearing
The Grass Greener: The Future of Biofuels

Oct 24, 2007  Press release
Biofuels Only One of Many Alternative Fuel Options

Oct 18, 2007  Hearing
Energy and Global Warming Solutions for Vulnerable Communities

Oct 10, 2007  Hearing
Business Opportunities in a Low-Carbon Energy Economy

Oct 10, 2007  Press release
Free Market Must Guide Energy Technology Development

Sep 06, 2007  Hearing
The Future of Coal Under Carbon Capture and Storage

Jul 18, 2007  Hearing
Voluntary Carbon Offsets – Getting What You Pay For

Jul 12, 2007  Hearing
Plugging into Energy Independence with 150 MPG Vehicles

Jul 12, 2007  Press release
Despite Promise, Plug-In Hybrids Need Technological Breakthroughs

Jun 19, 2007  Press release
Cities Experience Shows Outdated Kyoto Treaty Sets Unrealistic Goals

May 22, 2007  Hearing
Economic Impacts of Global Warming: Green Collar Jobs

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