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Dec 19, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner: Obama Leaves Copenhagen with Bad Deal for U.S.

Dec 18, 2009  Press release
In the News: Washington Examiner - Sensenbrenner: Don't be fooled in Copenhagen

Oct 06, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner: Without Global Participation, Climate Treaty Will ‘Flunk Good Deal Test’

Jul 29, 2009  Hearing
Climate for Innovation: Technology and Intellectual Property in Global Climate Solutions

Feb 25, 2009  Letters to Admin
Letter to Climate Change Advisor Browner: Sensenbrenner Offers to Brief the Administration on Talks

Feb 04, 2009  Hearing
Roadmap from Poznan to Copenhagen – Preconditions for Success

Feb 04, 2009  Press release
Sensenbrenner Statement on Poznan-Copenhagen Select Committee Hearing

Jul 30, 2008  Hearing
What’s Cooking with Gas: the Role of Natural Gas in Energy Independence and Global Warming Solutions

Feb 11, 2008  Press release
Cap-and-Trade Will Cost Jobs, Slow Economy, Produce Few Results

Dec 19, 2007  Press release
Bali Roadmap a Positive Step Towards a Global Treaty

Dec 19, 2007  Hearing
After Bali – the UN Conference and the Impact on International Climate Change Policy

Nov 14, 2007  Hearing
State Leadership Towards a Low-Carbon Energy Future

Sep 26, 2007  Press release
Climate Treaty Negotiations Need New Direction

Jun 13, 2007  Press release
Democrats Should Work With President to Develop Realistic Climate Change Policy

Jun 08, 2007  Hearing
Massachusetts v. U.S. EPA: Implications of the Supreme Court Verdict

Jun 04, 2007  Press release
Local Climate Change Issues Emphasize Importance of Global Solutions

May 15, 2007  Press release
Sensenbrenner: Sweden Offers Lessons on Energy Independence

May 03, 2007  Hearing
Economic Impact of Global Warming: Part I - Insurance

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